Frequently Asked Questions

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How many confirmation classes are in the program?

There are nine classes total, which are referred to as Group Adventures 

What are Group Adventures?

Four or more Confirmands and two Confirmation Guides, who take roughly two hours to explore their understanding of themselves, in relationship with the Christian tradition. One Guide leads the Adventure using the Confirmation RPG curriculum, while the other tracks the Skill Points each Confirmand earns, based on how they participate. 

When do Group Adventures happen and what are the themes?

Adventures will generally happen on the second Sunday of each month, with a few exceptions. Please mark the following Adventure dates in your calendar:

9/8 - 1: Alpha & Omega (Introductions)

9/29 - 2: Prelude (History)

10/13 - 3: Timelines (The Church Year)

11/10 - 4: Bible (Myth vs History)

12/8 - 5: Jesus

1/12 - 6: Pentecost

2/9 - 7: Baptism (with special guests)

3/8 - 8: Communion

4/19 - 9: Proclamation

5/17 - Optional Snow Makeup Date or Bonus Adventure

Who can be a Confirmand?

Any youth grades 8 - 10, who completes a Character Description (this the focus of the first Group Adventure, but it can also be completed independently). The Group Adventures can be done in sequence, or as a stand-alone experience. 

What is a Character Description?  

A form the Confirmand fills out, selecting their Theological Class, Attributes, and respective Skill Points. 

What is a Theological Class? 

A set of beliefs and dedications, including: Monotheist, Polytheist, Pantheist, Naturalist, Agnostic, and Atheist. Confirmands are given details about each class, along with their common traits and beliefs.

What are Skill Points and how are they earned?

Each Group Adventure - and Side Quest - offers the chance to earn Skill Points based off how the Confirmand participates in the Adventure and any overlapping Attributes that are shared.

The five types of Skill Points are listed below, along with how they are earned.

Strength: Gross motor activities

Dexterity: Fine motor activities

Intellect: Knowledge 

Wisdom: Critical thinking 

Charisma: Group discussions 

What are Side Quests?

Side Quests are additional opportunities for Confirmands to level up their character’s skills. They can be done alone or in small groups, but are not part of a Group Adventure meeting. Side Quests are an opportunity for parents and friends to join the Confirmand on their journey through the Adventure quest line. Each Side Quest is explained at the end of an Adventure and offers further exploration of the Adventure’s theme. 

What is an Attribute?

A trait for which a Confirmand has a personal affinity. There are three types of Attributes: Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual. Confirmands select three traits from the list below, with no more than two traits of the same type. 

*Note* Group Adventures and Side Quests also have Attributes. When Confirmands match Attributes with Adventures and Quests, they roll dice to determine how many bonus Skill Points they can earn.


  • Natural (connection to the natural world) - Growth Potential

  • Performance (intentional actions) - Entertainer

  • Stealth (spacial awareness) - Humility

  • Athletics (physical activity) - Creating Space


  • History (knowledge) - Foresight

  • Investigation (seeks truth) - Problem Solver

  • Medicine (able to be helpful) - Support

  • Persuasion (builds logical arguments) - Influencer


  • Insight (finds deeper meaning) - Guidance

  • Arcane (mystic) - Multi-dimensional

  • Survival (takes on challenges) - Resilient

  • Religious (communal rituals) - Meaning Making

How do I get my teenager involved as a Confirmand?

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