Adult Education: The Adult Education Focus Group plans and oversees adult learning experiences at St. Luke. The aim of Adult Education is to educate, inspire, and empower the St. Luke community in support of its mission.  In addition to planning Sunday morning adult education, our focus group plans the annual St. Luke Seminar and several evening events whose scope transcends the time limits of Sunday morning classes.

Lead: Cindy Suplick

Buildings and Grounds, charged with maintaining the St. Luke church building and its surrounding property, this group invites all people to contribute in small ways for organized progress.

Finance: The Finance Focus Group is responsible for the management of St. Luke’s financial condition throughout the year.  The group’s work includes developing the budget with input from the Session, monitoring the income and expenses, determining investments, and working with the various groups in the church to maintain proper accounting for the church.  The Finance Focus Group meets as needed, but it always meets at least quarterly.

Leads: Don Davies or Darla Monson

Human Resources: The Human Resources Focus group is responsible for employment matters of the pastors and the church staff.  This includes coordinating the hiring of new staff when requested by session. One of our major responsibilities is to administer and implement the staff performance review system. All staff and pastoral annual reviews are completed according to established procedures that gather a broad base of feedback and provide consistency in evaluation criteria.

Lead:   Lori Cocking

Legacy: This group oversees bequests and financial gifts to the congregation. Recent projects include the columbarium installation, accessibly lift, and academic scholarships. 

Leads: Don Davies, Connie Branson

Major Gifts: This Focus Group is responsible for helping the church support significant outreach projects. We work with the other focus groups in the church to collect applications from agencies and projects seeking financial support. The Major Gifts Focus Group welcomes new members who have expertise or a passion for looking at outside projects for potential funding. We do not have a grant program this year.

Lead: Nancy Rademacher

Stewardship: Giving at St. Luke is about much more than supporting our own church and providing a fancy facility for ourselves.  St. Luke is dedicated to having a warm and open church building that offers us the simple beauty of worship and the opportunities for education while allowing us to give major portions of our income to organizations and ministries working on behalf of the poor and needy, peace and justice, wholeness and healing, and inclusion and acceptance.  We believe it is important to try to spend much for others rather than so much on ourselves.

The Stewardship Focus Group’s responsibility is to promote faithful giving, develop and implement the annual stewardship drive, and support the overall ministry of St. Luke through education on St. Luke’s theology of giving.  The major portion of Stewardship's work takes place in the fall around the annual stewardship period.

Welcoming: The Welcoming group focuses on reaching out to the community and inviting people to visit St. Luke. Once someone visits St. Luke, we strive to welcome and integrate visitors into our faith community. We provide information about the programs of St. Luke so they may be enriched and nurtured by all that St. Luke has to offer and we look for ways that their skills can bring new gifts to us. Key areas of our work include welcoming visitors, leading new member classes, and hosting special events.

Leads: Tamara Rogers, Sue Kirchhoff

Worship: The Worship Focus Group is responsible for providing a rich worship experience that invites meaningful participation by the congregation. It plans Sunday morning worship services as well as any special services held throughout the year.  This group also oversees the aesthetics of the worship space and the Garden Court to make sure they are beautiful and welcoming. We meet the first Monday of the month at 6:00 pm

Lead: David Cline