We are a faith community of activists. We are called to work for social justice, peace, and a sustainable relationship with the living Earth, even when doing so involves risk. Here are some ways you can be involved in the healing of God's world.


American Indian. We focus on Indian education, traditional Indian spirituality and religious freedom, supporting grassroots Indian causes, political lobbying, and reservation housing. St Luke hosts a sweat lodge which has become a valuable resource for the Indian community. We work closely with Twin City Indians and the people of Pine Ridge & White Earth Indian Reservations on numerous projects. 

Family and Children in Crisis addresses a variety of issues affecting children and families, especially those in poverty.  We encourage participation in fund raising events for non-profit organizations and encourage volunteerism in many organizations.  We make small grants to organizations meeting our criteria.  Groups funded in the past include the ICA Food Shelf, Bridging, West Suburban Teen Clinic, Kids Kare Connection, Meals on Wheels, and Kwanzaa Community Church in North Minneapolis.

 Meetings: Third Thursdays of certain months.

Contact:  Connie Bell and Katie Williams

Housing/Families Moving Forward:  Twice a year St. Luke host four homeless families with children in our church as part of a network of churches associated with Families Moving Forward, a program of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. Families Moving Forward busses the guest families from their Minneapolis Day Shelter to our church for the night. St. Luke volunteers prepare & serve a hot supper, supervise evening activities for the children, and set up sleeping arrangements in our classrooms. Families Moving Forward busses our guest families to their Minneapolis Day Shelter in the early morning.

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Dinner Host Job Description

Overnight Host and Support Host Job Description

Contact:  Doug Anderson, Arlene Nystuen and Harding Van Schaack (chair).

Latin America: The Latin America Focus Group concentrates on all issues impacting people in developing or underprivileged regions of the Western Hemisphere. In addition to donating to various non-profits, we also sell fair trade coffee, chocolate, clothing, and crafts each year. In the last several years, our group has become increasingly involved with immigration issues, and a number of our members have volunteered with humanitarian non-profit groups in Arizona that seek to assist and defend the rights of undocumented immigrants.

Contact: Frank Babka

Peace and Justice:  Believing that justice and peace are inextricably intertwined, the purpose of the Peace & Justice Focus Group is to identify opportunities to live out St. Luke’s ongoing commitment to “follow the ways of Jesus by working to become makers of peace, healers of the breach, and agents of justice.”  All interested in sharing information about their peace work and working collectively to find new ways to build peace and promote justice are invited to attend the Peace and Justice Focus Group meetings.
We also sponsor the St. Luke Peace & Justice Action Network which provides St. Lukers with monthly, easy, fast action opportunities to influence government and public opinion on issues that are important to St. Luke and the world. If you are interested in signing up, send an email to stlukepeaceandjustice@gmail.com, and your name will be added to the distribution list.

Contacts: Adele Lennig-Sullivan - stlukepeaceandjustice@gmail.com

Sustainability: This focus group is responsible implementing environmentally sound projects at St. Luke. Recent projects include maintaining gardens that donates fresh produce to ICA Foodshelf and Division of Indian Works and community outreach on Bee Safe Gardens.

Contact: Judy Gregg