David Lohman, Music Director



Musician David Lohman grew up the son of a Lutheran pastor in Minneapolis. He has spent his life between his two musical passions – church music and musical theatre. He spent 3½ years as associate conductor for the Broadway tour of The Phantom of the Opera. He has devoted much of his life to working to counter the spiritual, psychological, and physical harm falsely done to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the name of religion. He spent eleven years working to create congregations that are fully welcoming of LGBTQ people through the National LGBTQ Task Force. His church music, including the hymn “For All the Children,” has been sung in LGBTQ-welcoming congregations across the country. His music, including his new album, Fling the Church Doors Open Wide: Songs of Radical Welcome, is available at DavidLohmanMusic.com.