Marilyn Summers Cool: A Life in Art

IMG_0722 (2).jpeg

At St. Luke, we celebrate the artists among us.  An exciting new exhibit, Marilyn Summers Cool:  A Life in Art, now graces our entryway, garden court, and sanctuary.

A long-time St. Luke member, Marilyn Summers Cool was born an artist.  She has worked hard all of her life to carve out a space for that artist to thrive – inspiring, mentoring, and teaching along the way.  Driven to create, Marilyn strained against the limits of ordinary life. A painter, sculptor, and printmaker for more than fifty years, Marilyn understands the spiritual power of art.

St. Luke commissioned the large painting near the sanctuary doors to honor our experience as a sanctuary church.  Prints and paintings on loan from congregation members will be on display through December.