Missa Gaia Earth Mass


The St. Luke community rose to its energetic best on Sunday morning, May 19, when a large congregation was present to see, hear and participate in MISSA GAIA, our intergenerational festival of sight and sound celebrating Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  Eight young people (plus a couple pastors) portrayed wind, birds, wolves, and a whale. Six adults danced, nine instrumentalists played, including a guest soprano soloist and twenty-seven members of the St. Luke Choir all joining forces under David Lohman’s musical direction to present thrilling music by Paul Winter, Paul Halley and others. The singing ranged through texts ancient and modern, one of them urging our sense of personal connection to the encompassing mystery of existence: “Oh, grant that I may feel you always in everything.” It was a truly joyful St. Luke morning! But don’t take our word for it… Wolf Howls Join Worship Hymns - Star Tribune