Welcome to St. Luke! If you are here to explore our church community, we thank you for your interest. We are a progressive Christian community seeking to welcome all people who want to explore growing in faith, walking the way of Jesus, and living through service to the world. We have a long history of active engagement for social justice in our local and global communities. St. Luke welcomes all who are seeking for meaning – believer, doubter, questioner – all are welcome to join in community.  Together we explore the important questions of our lives and together we support each other, within the context of a faith community, in finding answers that make sense. We invite you to think, not tell you how to think.

This website is designed to help you quickly get a picture of St. Luke. But a website will only take you so far. We hope that you will come visit on Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 am, or at one of the events you see listed in the events calendar. Know that we are happy to talk or meet with you, if you would find that helpful.

Blessings on your search for a faith community, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Grace and Peace,
Anita Bradshaw
Transitional Pastor