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Hermanos, August 9

Hermanos will meet Tuesday, August 9 at 7:30 am at the Sheraton Hotel in Minnetonka. Men are invited to join in the discussion and fellowship. 

The Hermanos topic for August 9 is the role of memory in our lives. We will be looking at some articles by Charles Pierce who wrote a book focusing on memory after caring for his mother’s Alzheimers disease. Be prepared to bring some examples of the role of memory in relation to your past and how it figures into your concept of the future.
We will talk about the role of memory in the election, how we “choose to believe that forgetting gives us real power and that memory makes us weak. We even forget how well we know that is a lie.”
Most importantly we will look at how memory contributes to our sense of spirituality. Look at your spiritual growth over the years and remember what memories carry the strengths of your faith beliefs.